Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) through Google, Microsoft Ads and Meta can give your brand immediate reach and exposure. The ROI from Paid Search is still one of the highest for digital marketing.

If you run a business that sells online then you definitely need to consider PPC marketing. Especially combined with SEO, this can form a very powerful strategy in terms of growing your business and sales. If you are not getting the results you’d like or have no idea where to start, then I can help. 

I  have 20 years experience of managing Google Ad campaigns, am a certified Google Partner and was selected by Google in 2017 as one of the top performing Google Ad managers in the UK. I manage PPC campaigns for a range of businesses including hospitality, tourism, education, e-commerce and specialist services.

The types of PPC campaign you could choose from are described below. We will work together to come up with the best strategy and/or combination of these types of campaign for your business to maximise your reach within your budget.

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Product ads on Google's shopping channel are a fantastic and cost-effective way to showcase your products at the top of Google's search results. They include imagery, pricing and direct links to the product page and typically have a great ROI.


Search ads target Google's main search channel. Bidding on relevant search queries so that your business appears high up on the page in the sponsored ad. With an effective strategy and targeting, search ads can generate low cost leads and sales for your business.


Paid social ads on Meta - Facebook and Instagram. These are the sponsored ads that appear for your target audience and can both raise awareness of your brand and drive leads and sales. With an effective strategy and targeting, paid social ads can generate low cost leads and sales for your business.

Display and Remarketing

Display marketing strategies for brand exposure, engagement and conversions. Turn your valuable ‘potential customers’ into ‘loyal customers’. Re-marketing helps you to re-engage users who have already expressed an interest in your products or services.


Creating video adverts for the second biggest search engine, YouTube, to increase your brand awareness.

I have run successful campaigns for a diverse range of clients on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising and am a certified Google Partner.