Tripling Leads for a Specialist Business Services Company

Note: This client has requested to remain anonymous, and so will be referred to as the Business. All references to their industry have also been deliberately removed.

I started working with the Business in January 2018 on both their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). At the time, the website, as their key marketing tool, was generating 20-40 leads per week.

The Company’s main customer demographic is wealthier older individuals based in London and the surrounding areas. However, they also receive a large amount of traffic from others interested in the areas that their services cover.


The Company already had a good presence on Google for a number of key search phrases. However, there were plenty of available opportunities to improve rankings for additional high-traffic phrases.

The company wanted to improve its visibility against competitors who generally had a better search presence. The main goals were to increase leads through PPC and SEO, as well as to increase interest in the different services they offer.

SEO and PPC Audit

An in-depth analysis of the site at the beginning of the work revealed a number of areas that could be improved on the website. I created a list of recommendations based on the audit, which included creating and submitting an XML sitemap, enhancing structured data markup, technical improvements to boost site speed, a better keyword strategy, and link building.

At the time there were also two sites: one for desktop and one for mobile. While this is no longer best practice, it was an acceptable SEO strategy at the time. However, my recommendations included merging the two to create a responsive site and ensuring that the relatively new https address was utilised across the board. There were instances where the old http address was still referred to throughout both sites.

Implementation and Improvement

Over the last few years, the Company has invested heavily in content creation. As well as an initial keyword strategy that identified new high-traffic phrases, our work has included expanding a resources section on the website to target more specific long-tail keywords. While these pages don’t receive as much traffic, visitors are generally further along in the buying process and therefore more likely to convert.

The Company has also demonstrated its expertise – therefore building trust – by creating more content in how to guides, case studies and more.

The PPC campaigns have primarily focused on their main target areas surrounding London and Surrey. Ads have been used to promote their main business services. As the Company has grown and expanded, so has the SEO & PPC strategy. For example, PPC targeting has been adjusted to cover a larger service area.


Website traffic in 2017 and 2020 on Google Analytics 

In 2020, annual traffic was over 300% higher than in 2017, just before we started working together. Both organic traffic and paid traffic has increased by around 300% in this same period.

Despite Covid, the Company has seen a consistent and impressive growth in traffic and leads. From 20-40 leads per week when work began, the website now receives an average of 100 leads per week.

Demonstrating the wider-reaching effects of a good SEO and PPC strategy, the Company’s increased visibility has allowed them to expand. They have now opened additional shops in London and elsewhere in the UK. They size of projects undertaken has also changed, with them now working on a number of large-scale projects as well as their usual smaller commissions.

Working with Charlotte on our website SEO and AdWords has made a significant difference to the volume of highly qualified enquiries that our business receives. Having worked with other individuals and agencies over the years she is without a doubt the best. Company CEO

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