SEO Tools

A person is nothing without their tools.

You can be a complete beginner to SEO or an expert with years of experience. Whatever part of the spectrum you fall onto, SEO is made much easier thanks to the excellent range of SEO tools available.

Screenshot of Google Search Console

What are SEO Tools?

SEO tools are software designed to help you rank better on search engines, and to improve the quality of your website and other areas of your online (and sometimes offline) presence. In short, SEO tools make SEO easier. They can help you quickly gather more information, make sense of large amounts of data, implement SEO on your website, or alert you if something is wrong.

There are a huge array of options out there. Some are very specific and are designed to carry out one particular task, while others aim to provide a more comprehensive service.

Though many of the best SEO tools require a paid subscription, there are lots of free tools, or free versions of paid tools, available to use. If you’re just starting to learn SEO, then you will probably find that the free tools are sufficient for your needs. Others will be reasonably priced for a small business, while others have a much higher cost and are unlikely to be cost effective if you’re part of a small team.

How to Use SEO Tools

There are all sorts of tools for different requirements. If you have a Wordpress website, they can be downloaded as plugins. Some require account creation, such as Google Analytics, and others are as easy to use as typing in a web address or a search phrase. When you get a new tool, it’s always worth spending some time getting used to it and discovering the features available.

Many tools will help you gather information, which you can then analyse to identify possible improvements to your online presence. Others will help you easily make technical updates that would have otherwise been tricky and have required some expertise.

The best thing to do is your research. Look into the different features, or play around with the free tools to find out if they work well for you. Chances are that there will be several tools that do more-or-less the same thing. Sometimes, it’s a matter of preference over functionality.

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