Helping you to make smarter marketing decisions with Google Analytics

Do you often wonder how your website is really performing and which of your website marketing efforts are actually driving traffic, leads and sales?

Last week I delivered Google Analytics training to a group online and in it we looked at what Google Analytics is for and how it can help you to make better marketing and content decisions for your business. 

Before websites and social media, marketing was mainly done via TV, billboard advertising, magazines, newspapers, directories like the Yellow Pages, leaflets and more. This was often costly and not measurable in terms of impact.

Never before have we had access to so much data to inform our decisions.

What can Google Analytics answer?

Who is your current website audience? Reports can include gender, age, location, interests, device, new or returning visitors.
What do your website users do on your website? What are the most popular pages or blog articles? Where do they land on the site? Where do they exit?
Which marketing channel is driving traffic? And which are delivering leads or sales?

What are some examples of reports in Google Analytics

You might like to know which day(s) of the week most visitors come to your site so you can schedule your marketing accordingly:

Top Day of the Week by Users

Or which marketing channel your visitors are coming from:

Top Channels by Users Analytics

Or where in the world they are geographically located:

Geographic Report Analytics

Or even which blog or page content is the most popular? By looking at trends in the data you can work out what to write more of as well as the types of page or blog title that may be grabbing people’s attention. 

In summary…

Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you to measure and improve your website, content and marketing.

Use audience insights, behaviour, acquisition and conversion data to review your progress. And make decisions on where to invest your precious time and resources.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it ” Peter Drucker

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