Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free platform that provides a huge amount of data about your website, its traffic, overall performance, and sales. It can help you identify user behaviour and demographics, check how well individual pages are performing, and pick out popular content.

Though at first glance the platform can seem quite complex and a bit overwhelming, with a bit of time and knowledge it could soon become the most useful SEO tool you have at your disposal. You don’t have to know all the minute tricks and options available either. A basic understanding will still be hugely beneficial to your website.

If you’re a visual person, you can view graphs and at-a-glance statistics, or you can mine the data further and discover additional interesting information about your users and website.

GA4 and Universal Analytics

Since October 2020, GA4 has been the newest iteration of Google Analytics. At the moment, you can still use either Universal Analytics (UA) or GA4, or even both. Information is more readily available for UA, because its been around for a long time, but its worth learning GA4 now, as it will eventually replace UA altogether.

If you’re completely new to Analytics, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with both, too, as UA currently provides some information not yet available on GA4. But, if you only have the time to get to know one of the two options, then look forward and go for GA4.

The Basics of Google Analytics

There is a lot to learn in Google Analytics, and even those who have been doing SEO for years may continue to find new information. However, if you’re a busy business owner or part of a small team, you probably don’t have the time to learn absolutely everything, and that’s okay. Chances are that you’ll gain all you need with a basic understanding of the platform.

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