Inbound Marketing UK 2014: Notes from the Conference

I attended the fantastic Inbound Marketing Conference in Liverpool last week, organised by PH Creative as part of the International Festival of Business. Here are my notes from the event:

Dom Burch (ASDA) @domburch

  • The old rules don’t apply anymore
  • We’re a media owner
  • We’re a connector not a collector
  • Listen first, engage second, influence third
  • Customers expect instant response on all social channels
  • Pay to play
  • Engaging content will continue to be rewarded
  • We are living through the age of advocacy
  • Millenials are fuelling ever more video sharing
  • Key influencers are content creators & can now monetise their position
  • Marketing in 2014 – you need a blended approach, people follow people. Need to find the key influencers in your niche and pay them to product place, mention their videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Vlogger phenomenon: It’s PR on steroids

Video content is a tsunami on its way

Andy Barke (Google) @Barkie13

The internet population is 3 bn (7 bn in the world). There is a big global opportunity for businesses online.

Tools for global expansion research:

  • Google Global Market Finder
  • Google Consumer Barometer
  • Google Think Insights

Kieran Flanagan (Hubspot) @searchbrat

  • 27 million pieces of content are shared everyday.
  • Photos massively affect shares of blog posts
  • Downloads (e.g. ebook) – added the tweet of someone who liked it, resulted in 27% increase in CTR
  • People feel safe in numbers

Tracy Chong (Muse) @MusewithTracy

Presented wearable technology brainwave tracker called Muse – a brain fitness tool with exercises to build focused attention, self-assessment, helps autism and early detection of alzheimers, detecting when focus reduces, detecting music mood etc.

See more at:

John Watton (Adobe) @jwatton

In the digital space no-one can hear you scream

  • We are marketing into a gaping void. No-one cares about your marketing as much as you do.
  • There are 30,000 marketing messages a day that the average consumer is exposed to.
  • A social post only has an 18-minute half life.
  • In the time it takes you to read this sentence 20 million emails have been sent.
  • Segmentation is dead, now behaviour-based marketing
  • Conversation marketing doesn’t need big budgets

To be heard you need Maths

Digital = Data

4 Actionable Things:

1) Buy wearable technology
2) Write a blog
3) Share like hell
4) Do the opposite

Dave Hazlehurst (PH Creative) @googledave

The Chimp Paradox:

• The emotional drivers of action i.e. happy, sad, fear, anger and anticipation.
• When we feel fear we have a desire to bond.
• When we tell stories our brains are programmed to want to connect
• Be memorable

I’m going to become a Jedi Knight at last

Stuart Fowkes (Oxfam) @stuartfowkes

  • 24% of people would engage with or follow a charity on social media.
  • But people find it vulgar to share donations on social media
  • The more directive a social post, the less it works. What works is emotional, intellectual, usefulness, news or social good.
  • The half a second mobile post test – do you understand, are you moved and do you want to share within half a second

Ask yourself:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it unique?
  • Does it sound from a real person?
  • Does it reassure or fill a need?

Steven Woodgate (Microsoft) @StevenWoodgate

  • Be customer-obsessed
  • 60% of the workforce are millenials i.e. not motivated by money and want to make a difference

We’ll be known for our opinions but remembered for our joy

Bryan Adams (PH Creative) @bryan_phc

  • It’s getting harder to be contagious and controversial
  • We are competing against anything that takes your eyeballs (e.g. films on your mobile)
  • The six great stories:
    • The Executive
    • The Wannabe
    • The liar
    • The fish out of water
    • The run for love

Is it good enough to give me goosebumps?

Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerMedia) @garyvee

  • We don’t have the time, patience and attention to be interrupted
  • Nobody has time anymore – so it’s dictating my marketing, how I sell (e.g. Uber app)
  • We now live in a 24/7, 365 days a year world
  • Everyone is obsessed by width, but depth is how you win
  • The culture shift – when we become creators not consumers we experience a paradigm shift.
  • There is no entitlement to customers, you have to earn every single one
  • Are you proud of what you’re selling?
  • There is ROI in anything you pay attention to
  • B2B marketing – you need to build affinity with your potential customers
  • Tactitional surgical marketing – the craft of storytelling contextually
  • EQ is so important – self-awareness and empathy are the skills he looks for when recruiting.
  • Are we marketing for 2014 / today?

I spend my whole time reverse engineering the context of the room that I’m in

If you’re interested to see and hear more, check out the videos on IMUK’s website:

Inbound Marketing IMUK

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