Weldtech Sees a 1,600% Return on Ad Spend

I started working with Weldtech on their Google Ads campaigns in May 2019. The company, which sells a range of welding equipment, had experienced an excellent year of sales in 2018 and into early 2019. At the time, there had been regulation changes, which boosted the need for air-fed welding helmets.

Starting Point and Goals

Google Ads comparisons for Weldtech

After a strong start to 2019, sales started to quickly drop, first falling by a third and then by 50%. Light Bulb Web Design, who were managing their website, then approached me to improve their advertising campaigns and the results they were getting.

At the start of our work together, Weldtech were running three types of Google Ads campaigns: Search, Shopping and Remarketing Display ads.

Adjustment and Improvement

Heavy duty working gloves

Although the ads running prior to May were receiving some clicks and conversions, the results were limited. I therefore started by analysing the ads and removing the Remarketing campaign, which had a particularly low conversion rate. The Search campaign was the next to be removed due to its low conversion rate and high cost per conversion.

Instead, I focused on improving the standard Shopping ads, which was already performing better than the other campaigns by a considerable amount.

The next step was to test standard Shopping ads against Smart Shopping ads, and to compare results. As the Smart Shopping campaign resulted in a considerably lower Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion, the standard campaign was paused, and Smart Shopping replaced it.

To improve the results even further, I focused on advertising those products that would perform well. This included items that were popular, price competitive and/or generated a strong profit margin. By focusing on these products, Weldtech was able to get the best possible results for their budgets.


Conversions and Costs on Google Ads

Since my work started in May 2019, the advertising campaigns have seen a gradual increase in conversions (blue in the above graph) and a decrease in average Cost Per Conversion (red). Please note that exact figures have been removed for privacy.

The ads continue to perform well, and in November 2021 the value of all conversions was nearly 1,600% higher than the monthly ad spend.

Welding air helmetSince enlisting Charlotte’s help in 2019 we have seen a steady increase in visits to our site, resulting in increased conversions to orders and hence a large increase in our web-based revenue.

We have been impressed with the knowledge shown in the Shopping Ads area that has increased our turnover and enabled us to expand our business in terms of greater stockholdings. Geoff Day

Find out more about Weldtech’s welding products at www.weldtech.co.uk.

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