Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads for dresses on sae

Google Ads are a fantastic way of advertising your website, services and products, and Shopping Ads are particularly beneficial if you sell physical items. Integrating directly with a product feed from your website (if you want it to), this style of ad really stands out thanks to its use of imagery and useful information in highlighted positions.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are a type of Google Ads that are specifically aimed at promoting physical products. They include an image and basic details about products and are served to Google Search users (and other internet users) that  Google deems as having an interest in buying.

These types of ads rely heavily on machine learning, with the search giant using billions of pieces of data to determine who your ads should be served to. This can make it much easier for beginners to set up an ad and benefit from the masses of information Google knows about its users.

By showing your products to relevant users, Shopping Ads can also help drive new traffic to your website and build a bigger audience who will return again and again. You can showcase your products, promote special offers, and entice new users with freebies.

You can also use Google Shopping Ads for free, so they’re ideal if you have a tight budget but still want to see some results.

How to Get Started with Shopping Ads

Like any Google product, there’s a little bit of learning to go through before you should launch your ads. Get a handle of the basics and you’ll set yourself up for success right from the word “Go”.

Shopping Ads rely heavily on good SEO – arguably more so than any other style of ad – so an understanding of basic Search Engine Optimisation is also very useful. Combined, good SEO and Google Shopping Ads make a powerful combo to promote your online store and products.

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